Pop Rock! (2010),  my first major animation project. It is 48 seconds long and completely hand drawn. It's a simple story of a happy little pop corn kernel that comes to life after hitting the hot pavement. He decides that the best way to celebrate his life would be to dance a very groovy little dance. Unfortunately this happy dance attracts a very hungry visitor. Poor little popcorn is devoured in a few small bites... but his spirit lives on. 

Pop Rock! was created using good old fashion pencil and paper. Scanned and edited in Flash.

Lip Sync-ing (2010) is an example of animation using pre-existing sound recording, in this case from Scar in Disney's "The Lion King", to animate emotion. 

 This animation was done with brush and ink creating an organic line flow.

Space Flour (2009) is an exercise that explores weight in animation. The character tries to pick up something that is too heavy.

It is animated with pencil and paper. Scanned and edited in Flash.

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