Tender-headed Tenderness

This week over at Ten Paces the topical theme of "When I Grow Up" wash dished out to the masses. As always everyone did a real smash up job! If you're looking for a way to get yourself motivated to draw (like I was), you might just try and get in on the fun!

My piece, based on sketch given by Anna Santaguida is about something I remember very well as a kid growing up. Getting your hair braided and the pain that goes along with that. You squirm and you tear up and they call you "tender headed". It's kind of one of those memories that isn't the most pleasant, but it is very special in a way...  My angle is kind of like "when I grow up, I'm probably gonna cause some other little girl the same kind of torture that was inflicted upon me for the sake of being adorable."




Here's something else~

I'm busy today!

Elody & the Purple People Eater

Here's another Elody doodle. Watch out for those Purple People Eaters.... 

And here's some hand letters to go along with the story~

Till the next one~